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Sugar ★ Stars

Mae really needs sweets. Unfortunately, her wallet disagrees.  Help Mae get the fancy dessert she desires by collecting wishes in the form of stars. Collect enough before time runs out and make Mae’s sugar-filled dreams come true! Art/illustrations used were drawn by me with clip studio pro & photoshop. Game coded & put together using …

Daily Cards

Simple random card generator made with JavaScript You click the “Your Daily Cards” banner and it gives you two random cards. The idea for this came from daily tarot card apps and since you can use a deck of cards for tarot readings, I figured this would be an interesting take. If you want to …

To a Tea

To a Tea (an entrepreneur story) To a Tea is a visual novel proving anyone can start a business, even a sloth! Follow along as Sara and friends take their first steps towards starting their catering business “To a Tea”.  Download: Mac Windows